I am perfectly imperfect and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am sarcastic, yet shy. I love with all my heart and soul, and I consistently tell my head to shut-the-fuck-up so I can follow my heart. I am loyal to a fault. I can be your best friend, but I'm my own worst enemy.
I'm also an information junkie, a research fiend and a part time pain-in-the-ass.


My Weaknesses:
Perfectly brewed coffee, crab rangoon, gambling, technology, lightning, handmade coffee mugs and a certain man that exists solely in my dreams.

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There are places in the world where you just naturally feel at home. You arrive there, you have never been there before, but bam, you’re home. You feel like you belong, like you are connected to everything and everyone, like you can do everything. You arrive at this place, you look around and you all of a sudden get this calm feeling. Like this place is talking to you and what it’s saying is: ‘Just calm down, take a breath and stop worrying. Everything is going to be okay. You are going to be okay.’ And you listen, you listen to what this place is telling you and you believe it. Here, this square, is that place to her. I am glad you found it, stranger.

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You were that place.

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Every day she loses it more. That sense of normalcy. The feeling that everything is going to be fine. The control over her emotions. It has been happening for a while. Every day is just another step backwards. Every day she is certain this day is going to be the day on which she hits rock bottom, but no, the next day she has sunk even deeper away in her depression. She has started to wonder if there even is such a thing as rock bottom. Maybe she will just feel worse every day of her life, until in the end she will die of nothing else but pure misery. Maybe her depression is more like an endless black hole. Maybe she will never be able to reach the end, simply because there is no end. She sees no way out. Have you told someone how you feel, stranger?  

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